who r u and where do i get one of you???????

who r u and where do i get one of you???????



bay area girls rock camp 2014

i am super lucky.  i was invited to photograph one of the summer sessions at this year’s girls rock camp.  it was so badass to see these girls form bands and write music.  they all had so much energy and attitude, it was incredible.  i didn’t ask them to pose or anything, these shots were their own doing, all i had to do was just press a button.

s/o to morningriser and jaimes-world for putting in a good word for me.


ok look



all I’m trying to say is that there are amazing women/non-binary people making music other than st. vincent and angel olsen 

  • mitski.bandcamp.com
  • adultmom.bandcamp.com
  • cyberbullymomclub.bandcamp.com
  • jawbreakerreunion.bandcamp.com
  • freecakeforeverycreature.bandcamp.com
  • babymollusk.bandcamp.com
  • alldogs.bandcamp.com
  • greatthunder.bandcamp.com
  • swearin.bandcamp.com
  • waxahatchee.bandcamp.com
  • eskimeaux.bandcamp.com
  • toldslant.bandcamp.com
  • wearecrying.bandcamp.com
  • theactofestimatingasworthless.bandcamp.com
  • thenineofswords.bandcamp.com
  • praisedog.bandcamp.com
  • downtownboys.bandcamp.com
  • whateverdad.bandcamp.com
  • fieldmouse.bandcamp.com
  • ingridsuperstar.bandcamp.com
  • long-beard.bandcamp.com
  • fucko.bandcamp.com
  • pebblesnj.bandcamp.com
  • guerillatoss.bandcamp.com
  • hopalong.bandcamp.com
  • yourbruise.bandcamp.com
  • joannagruesome.bandcamp.com
  • la misma (no bc)
  • littlebigleague.bandcamp.com
  • nicetry.bandcamp.com
  • palehound.bandcamp.com
  • rlkelly.bandcamp.com
  • pleasure leftists (no bc)
  • badcanoes.bandcamp.com
  • screamingfemales.bandcamp.com
  • speedyortiz.bandcamp.com
  • unravelerpgh.bandcamp.com
  • whitelung.bandcamp.com
  • foreverest.bandcamp.com


rebloggin 2 add my new favorite ever feralfuture.bandcamp.com to this list. 

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The ether, shit that make your soul burn slow

This was the best moment. The best.

Bye Iggy’s career.


10 years ago today, Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way went back in time to sedouce Volxemort and protect all of us from his evil plans

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how many women do you think have had sex with weird al

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There are two types of people in this world-

Those who can wear lipstick and those who choose not to.